“Stirring up a Hornet’s Nest: The Kettle Creek Battlefield Survey”

Savannah: Lamar Institute

2008 study defining the area of the Battle of Kettle Creek.

Kettle Creek Battlefield, A Hidden Botanical Jewel in the Georgia Piedmont

Linda Chafin

A 2016 study of the various flower and trees on the Kettle Creek Battlefield.

Archealogical Field Testing of Potential Grave Locations

Southeastern Archealogical Services, Inc.

2018 Archealogical graves study

mtDNA Final Report

Lakehead University
Paleo Institute

2018 DNA Laboratory results of soil samples from American Revolutionary War Soldiers battlefield gravesites

HDR Dog & GRP Investigations at Kettle Creek Battlefield

Bigman Geophysical

2016 Location study of American Revolutionary War Soldiers remains on the kettle Creek Battlefield.